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Classes & Workshops

Throughout the year I host a variety of masterclasses, and workshops that focus on Folio technique, and and breaking down verse structure to help actors mine Shakespeare's text for clues to make bold choices, and create engaging characters.  For more information on any of these feel free to follow the link to the specific class you are interested in attending.

Monologue Masterclass: 

From auditions, to moments onstage, monologues your time to shine.  

During this masterclass, we will: 

  • Brush up an existing piece, or start to bring a new one to life. 

  • Explore when, where and how to use the audience as your scene partner bringing them deeper into the action.

  • Finding the balance between private moments with yourself, engaging with your scene partner and directly engaging the audience. 

If you plan to attend, please email the cut of your piece, or request a suggested piece no later than 1 week prior to the workshop. To register, or for more information about this class, click here 

Cue Shakespeare:

Working with a Cue Scripts, explore Shakespeare’s text from a fresh perspective.

Cue scripts, provide the actor with only  their own lines, and a couple words lead in from their cues.   

During this workshop, together we will:

  • Explore text using unrehearsed techniques.

  • Find the implied stage directions written into the text.

  • Work to become a stronger and more active scene partner, by actively listening for your cues.

Using cue script versions of Shakespeare’s scenes, we will incorporate these techniques, and give you a new perspective on how to approach Shakespeare’s texts.  To register, or for more information about this workshop, click here.

Rehearse the Verse Masterclass:

Take book work and rehearsals to the next level.  Going beyond the basics of scansion, comprehension, and intention, we will look into the structure of the text itself to find the clues, and suggestions that Shakespeare left written into his verse.

In this class together we will:

  • Make rhythmic sense of the verse. 

  • Explore phrasings and punctuation to understand how Shakespeare shaped the characters' thoughts and emotions, and make them your own.

  • Explore what it means to “use the text” and how to do it.

Working with scenes using First Folio structure,  we will refine, and redefine your approach to book work.  To register, or for more information about this class click here.

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