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Verse and Text Coaching

Verse and Text coaching

An "original practitioner for the modern world." Classical texts were written in an acting friendly way, that has been  slowly lost over time.

Not anymore! Together we will combine the power of the words and a modern approach to find the strongest choices for the most engaging performance. Whether you are looking to nail your next audition, add to your repertoire, or walk into your first rehearsal prepared, and confident. I will help you fine tune your instincts, and become the ultimate "text detective."


Think of classical texts as acting short hand:

Shakespeare's plays were written in such a way that everything an actor needs to create a fully realized character are right there in text. Using the First Folio, we will unlock the clues that are written into the core of the text, and decipher what your character is telling you to do.

Together we will find new ways of engaging the language:

The most important tool in an actor's tool box is the language of the text. How you engage with that language is always the difference between booking the job, and having a "really good audition." Using a combination of your instincts, and what the language tells you, we will actively engage with the text to bring your performance to the next level.

By the end of our session you will hear the difference:

After finding the clues, and engaging with the language, the text will become more alive. With a full understanding of how the text works as a whole, and why it was written in that specific way, your character will stand out in an audition, rehearsal, or performance. 


In a warm and nurturing environment, together we will tap into your strengths as an actor and explore the text of your piece to find the strongest choices for your interpretation of the role. 

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Before becoming the founder and artistic director of Classics on the Rocks, I spent years honing my craft in and around New York City, and have been fortunate enough to participate in master classes taught by John Barton, Cicely Berry, and Barrie Ingrahm. I've had the honor of playing some of Shakespeare's most delightful clowns such as Dogberry (Much Ado About Nothing), Dromio of Syracuse (Comedy of Errors), Malvolio (Twelfth Night), and Launce (Two Gentlemen of Verona) and  on the more serious side, I've played such intricate roles as MacBeth(MacBeth). Roderick (Double Falsehood), and Petruchio (Taming of the Shrew). Aside from acting, I have also stepped into the director's chair for productions of Much Ado About Nothing, The Winter's Tale, Twelfth Night, and Julius Caesar, to name a few.


My focus is the characters, and relationships that are at the core of these plays, that continue to resonate with us and remind us of what it means to be human. It is with this approach that  I want to help you reconnect with your audition pieces, and help you build up your classical repertoire. Together we break these people down from kings, queens, and lords, and bring them back to sons and daughters, friends and lovers.




Email Notes session
This is a great option for those seeking a fresh perspective on an old piece or those needing a cram last minute before a big audition. Send me the text you're working on.  I will transcribe it into First Folio and provide detailed notes, highlighting the important clues within the text that will support you, and bring the piece to life. Same day turn around is available.
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One-on-One Coaching
We will work together one-on-one to reach your goals as a classical actor. Whether you just need a single session to brush off a a few pieces for an audition, or work regularly to develop confidence, or prepare for a role. I will guide and support you on your journey to craft memorable audition pieces, engaging characters, and gain a deeper understanding of the classical text. These hour-long sessions can be held in person or via Zoom, Skype or Google Hangout.
Shakespeare Boot Camp


In our three-hour "boot camp"
we'll go through your entire classical repertoire. We'll refresh your existing pieces and select a few new ones to enhance your range. This is a great way to keep your existing pieces fresh, expand your standard  "go-to's" and make sure you're putting your best foot forward whenever you walk into an audition room.
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If you have any questions, or  would like to schedule any one of  my coaching options, feel free to reach out.  For more information about classes and workshops, click here

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